Tournament of Champions
The Tournament of Champions is held at the conclusion of each session to determine which of our Division Champion or Playoff Champion teams will advance to the South Coast Championships.  It also provides each team the opportunity to earn a significant payday for their efforts!

To qualify for the Tournament of Champions, a team must:
  • Win their division playoffs, OR
  • Finish the regular session in first place in a division of twelve or more teams.
Once qualified, a team's roster for the Tournament of Champions will consist
of everyone who:
  • Was on the team when the session ended,
  • Played at least four times with the team that session, AND
  • Has at least six matches in their player record for that format
From the Tournament of Champions, eight teams in each format (8-Ball and 9-Ball) will advance to the South Coast Championships and play for the chance to represent the South Coast in the APA National Team Championships.  From the Spring Session Tournament of Champions we will advance additional teams, if necessary, to fill the brackets in the South Coast Championships for that year. 

In addition to qualifying for the South Coast Championships, the top eight finishers in the Tournament of Champions will receive a good-sized monetary award.  In each format, the top eight teams will receive $1600!