MVP Tournament Results

The MVP tournaments for Spring Session 2022 were held at Billiard Plaza on June 18 & 19.  There were six different tiers, three in 8-Ball and three in 9-Ball.  Twenty-four players won $100 vouchers toward the cost of singles qualifiers!
The winner and runner-up in each tier are as follows:
Tier Winner ($70 cash) Runner-up ($30 cash)
8-Ball SL 2&3 Tina Frost Matthew Jones
9-Ball SL 1-3 Charles Keil Sheldon Smith
8-Ball SL 4&5 Sandra Dubin Ricardo Martinez
9-Ball SL 4&5 Osheen Golian Trevor Stevens
8-Ball SL 6&7 Shantaram Parab Manuel Herrera
9-Ball SL 6-9 Tony Garcia Jason Krepel
In addition to the cash award, each player listed above also received a trophy and a $100 singles voucher.  The following players also won $100 singles vouchers for their third-place finishes: Elyse Block, Kristina Tieche, Kevin Lachini, Janice Turabaz, Richard Haydt, Lonnie Gude, Stephen Zupan, Lori Laski, Jerry Matchin, Joey Jurado, Jim Trace, and Loren Crawford.
Congratulations everyone!