What do we mean by "guaranteed"?
We guarantee that you will win a qualifier.  If you don't, you play for free!*
How hard is it to win?
These are four-player singles boards.  Win two matches in a row at any point during the day and you're qualified!  If you lose a match, sign up on the next board and try again!  Keep trying until you win or get tired!
What if you can't be there when we start?
It doesn't matter - you can jump in on the next board any time during the day.  We will keep running boards until we run out of players or the location kicks us out, whichever comes first!
It's free* if you lose - how much does it cost if you win?
If you win, you have two weeks to come up with the $128 board fee.  If you pay on site, any green fee paid will be applied toward the $128 board fee.  If you choose not to pay, we will mark the board invalid and you pay nothing!
You have nothing to lose.  Why not give it a shot?  Worst case scenario, you play pool all day for free*!  Best case, you'll be headed to a singles regional!
Check the calendar on this site or the schedule of upcoming qualifiers to see when you can take advantage of this deal!
*A nominal green fee may be charged by the location.  If you win and choose to pay on site, the green fee will be applied to the $128 board fee.