APA Singles Program
The APA conducts an annual singles program that is challenging, fun, and potentially lucrative for APA members.  The program consists of three levels of competition.  At the Local level, players compete on singles boards for a chance to advance to the Regional level.  At the Regional level, players from different league areas meet to compete, with the winners advancing to the Championship level, where over $200,000 in cash and prizes awaits!
The 8-Ball Classic is the singles program for 8-Ball players, and the 9-Ball Shootout is for 9-Ball players.  Both programs operate with two qualifying windows.  Players who win a singles board between January 1 and June 15 qualify for the Season 1 Regional, which is held in the fall of each year.  Players who win a singles board between June 16 and November 30 qualify for the Season 2 Regional, which is held the following spring.
The Regional and Championship levels of the 8-Ball Classic and 9-Ball Shootout are broken into tiers by skill level.  There are five tiers in the 8-Ball Classic, a combined tier for 2's and 3's, with separate tiers for 4's and 5's, 6's, and 7's.  The tiers for the 9-Ball Shootout are for skill levels 1-3, 4-5, 6-7, and 8-9.  Once you reach the Regional level, you only play players within your own tier.  To become a champion, all you have to do is win your tier at the Championship level.  The APA crowns nine singles champions each year!