Summer Session MVP Tournament

The Summer Session MVP tournament will be held at Butera's Billiards on Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 14 & 15.  Butera's is located at 476 W Los Angeles Ave in Moorpark.


Each tier in the MVP program will have its own tournament, with each tournament being played at a different time, as follows:


9-Ball, high tier (skill level 6-9)

Saturday, Sept. 14, 10 AM

8-Ball, low tier (skill level 2 & 3)

Saturday, Sept. 14, 1 PM

8-Ball, high tier (skill level 6 & 7)

Saturday, Sept. 14, 4 PM

9-Ball, middle tier (skill level 4 & 5)

Sunday, Sept. 15, 10 AM

9-Ball, low tier (skill level 1-3)

Sunday, Sept. 15, 1 PM

8-Ball, middle tier (skill level 4 & 5)

Sunday, Sept. 15, 4 PM


The top eligible player from each tier on the MVP List for each division, as well as the top ten from each tier league-wide, will be invited to this tournament, where entry is free and the top finishers receive trophies and vouchers for singles qualifiers!


Preliminary fields for the Summer Session MVP Tournaments will be posted below.  Keep in mind that the fields are PRELIMINARY, meaning skill level changes could affect the tier in which these players play (but not who actually gets invited - once you're on the list, you get to play, even if your tier changes).  A postcard will be mailed to every player listed below, with the date and time of the MVP tournament for their tier. 


If you expect to see your or a friend's name in one of the lists below but do not, it is probably because that player was not eligible for the MVP tournament in Spring Session. A player must have ten actual match scores on his/her player record in a particular format prior to the beginning of the session to be eligible for the MVP tournament that session!


8-Ball SL 2-3
Name Division SL
Fred DoringCamarillo3
Kirk JohnsonThousand Oaks3
Brandi BregmanThousand Oaks3
Steven MartinezSimi Valley3
Joey MarquezVentura Monday3
Tania PriceFoothill3
Troy BondarValley Red3
Maureen KostinValley Blue3
Oliver LopezT.O. Tuesday3
Tina EchevarriaOjai3
Fern TurnerOjai3
Eric BohlanderValley Wed Red3
Vanessa ZarateOxnard3
Michele MillerNorth Valley3
Moe NafiValley Wed Blue3
Fidel AcostaValley Wed Blue2
Kraig LaughlinVentura Wednesday3
Wendy RohlandSunday DJ 8 Red3
Robert Jr EastSunday DJ 8 Blue2
Lisa WetheraldMoorpark / Simi DJ82
9-Ball SL 1-3
Name Division SL
Deeann PedrettSunday DJ 9 Red3
Kerri ClevelandSunday DJ 9 Blue3
Luis LopezMoorpark / Simi DJ93
Rob VerstraetenOjai 9-Ball3
Elaine SimonValley Monday Red3
Jessica TerzianValley Monday Blue3
Brian PeraNorth Valley 9-Ball2
Jordan LobiancoFoothill 9-Ball3
Tibby LeeFoothill 9-Ball3
Danny ArnoneMoorpark 9-Ball2
Hanna AslanyanSimi Valley 9-Ball2
Nicole MillerCamarillo 9-Ball2
Laura AveryValley 9-Ball Red3
Tyler BruhnValley 9-Ball Blue3
Steven FullerOxnard 9-Ball2
Allie KnudsenT.O. Thursday2
Susan Di MaioVentura 9-Ball3
8-Ball SL 4-5
Name Division SL
Chuck JewellCamarillo5
RayRay HoelleCamarillo5
Chelsea EllisCamarillo4
Jessika JohnsonThousand Oaks4
Tommy EndresSimi Valley5
Jim RudyVentura Monday5
Trino AndradeVentura Monday5
Kathy ButterworthFoothill4
John GiacomelliValley Red5
James HillValley Blue5
Wallace HarveyT.O. Tuesday4
Michael ChauvelOjai4
Sylvia BurtonValley Wed Red4
Roj GharagedaghiValley Wed Red4
JC CarrollValley Wed Red5
Ed FontillasOxnard4
Steven SanchezNorth Valley4
Danae BobbittNorth Valley4
Ken BurtonValley Wed Blue5
Manny WolfVentura Wednesday4
Cathy LozanoSunday DJ 8 Red5
John Tae LeeSunday DJ 8 Blue4
Doc GoertzenMoorpark / Simi DJ84
9-Ball SL 4-5
Name Division SL
Jon KimSunday DJ 9 Red4
Maria RitnerSunday DJ 9 Blue4
Doc GoertzenMoorpark / Simi DJ94
Sharry WattOjai 9-Ball4
Mark HenryValley Monday Red5
Leo GuizarValley Monday Blue4
Gabe BarnettNorth Valley 9-Ball5
RicRic WilliamsFoothill 9-Ball5
Miles PremoMoorpark 9-Ball4
Dave StudleySimi Valley 9-Ball5
Nicholas PuchCamarillo 9-Ball4
Jim DavisValley 9-Ball Red5
Michael Griffith JrValley 9-Ball Blue4
Armida JimenezOxnard 9-Ball4
Trista WeldonT.O. Thursday5
Mel GrovenVentura 9-Ball4
8-Ball SL 6-7
Name Division SL
Manuel HerreraCamarillo7
Matt MunowitchThousand Oaks7
Jason WetheraldSimi Valley7
Bruce HoffmanVentura Monday7
Tony RodriguezFoothill7
Joey LicataValley Red7
Russell WalbertValley Blue6
Ruben ArvizoT.O. Tuesday7
JD BarenoOjai6
Nitin WagholikarValley Wed Red7
Manny MartinezOxnard7
Justin MarksNorth Valley7
Rick LoyaValley Wed Blue7
Jeff NicholsonValley Wed Blue7
Rick BermudezVentura Wednesday7
Rudy KarraaSunday DJ 8 Red7
Alex CondorSunday DJ 8 Blue6
Jason WetheraldMoorpark / Simi DJ87
9-Ball SL 6-9
Name Division SL
Justin MarksSunday DJ 9 Red9
Luis GramajoSunday DJ 9 Blue7
Jason WetheraldMoorpark / Simi DJ99
TK KroutOjai 9-Ball7
Alex SanchezValley Monday Red7
Chris NeillValley Monday Blue6
Gerardo LopezNorth Valley 9-Ball6
Luis GramajoFoothill 9-Ball7
Matt MunowitchMoorpark 9-Ball9
Brian DasaroSimi Valley 9-Ball6
Carrie KawamotoCamarillo 9-Ball6
Brian McDonaldValley 9-Ball Red6
Alex CondorValley 9-Ball Red7
Robert LiaValley 9-Ball Blue6
Leonel RamirezOxnard 9-Ball6
Charles CastnerT.O. Thursday7
Roland Crow-ArnettVentura 9-Ball6

The top ten finishers league-wide for their respective tiers will also be invited to the MVP tournament:

8-Ball SL 2-3
Name Division PPM
Oliver LopezT.O. Tuesday2.67
Troy BondarValley Red2.50
Steven MartinezSimi Valley2.43
Fred DoringCamarillo2.38
Maureen KostinValley Blue2.33
Wendy RohlandSunday DJ 8 Red2.33
Tania PriceFoothill2.29
Kraig LaughlinVentura Wednesday2.29
Deeann PedrettValley Red2.14
Toby Sanchez IVVentura Wednesday2.14
9-Ball SL 1-3
Name Division PPM
Danny ArnoneMoorpark 9-Ball16.33
Tyler BruhnValley 9-Ball Blue15.67
Steven FullerOxnard 9-Ball14.67
Rob VerstraetenOjai 9-Ball14.17
Luis LopezMoorpark / Simi DJ914.00
Jessica TerzianValley Monday Blue13.67
Roxanne FactorValley 9-Ball Blue13.57
Tibby LeeFoothill 9-Ball13.50
Jordan LobiancoFoothill 9-Ball13.50
Elaine SimonValley Monday Red13.38
Sharon BradyValley Monday Blue13.38
8-Ball SL 4-5
Name Division PPM
Kathy ButterworthFoothill2.43
Manny WolfVentura Wednesday2.43
Ryan PetersFoothill2.38
Jessika JohnsonThousand Oaks2.33
John GiacomelliValley Red2.33
Shannon PlunkettFoothill2.30
Jim RudyVentura Monday2.29
Trino AndradeVentura Monday2.29
Jim TraceValley Red2.25
Tommy EndresSimi Valley2.17
Wesley FallowVentura Monday2.17
Steven SanchezNorth Valley2.17
Danae BobbittNorth Valley2.17
Ken BurtonValley Wed Blue2.17
9-Ball SL 4-5
Name Division PPM
Armida JimenezOxnard 9-Ball15.17
Mel GrovenVentura 9-Ball14.83
RicRic WilliamsFoothill 9-Ball14.50
Jim DavisValley 9-Ball Red14.43
Michael Griffith JrValley 9-Ball Blue14.29
Gabe BarnettNorth Valley 9-Ball14.22
Maria RitnerSunday DJ 9 Blue14.17
Leo GuizarValley Monday Blue14.17
Roxzann HarryFoothill 9-Ball14.17
Trista WeldonT.O. Thursday14.14
8-Ball SL 6-7
Name Division PPM
Jason WetheraldSimi Valley2.83
Rudy KarraaSunday DJ 8 Red2.80
Rick BermudezVentura Wednesday2.67
Justin MarksNorth Valley2.57
Steve SevillaVentura Wednesday2.50
Chris Robinson-ReinholdVentura Wednesday2.50
Franky RozNorth Valley2.38
Jeff NicholsonValley Wed Blue2.38
Rick LoyaValley Wed Blue2.38
Matt MunowitchThousand Oaks2.33
Bruce HoffmanVentura Monday2.33
9-Ball SL 6-9
Name Division PPM
Jason WetheraldMoorpark / Simi DJ914.83
Matt MunowitchMoorpark 9-Ball14.50
Luis GramajoFoothill 9-Ball14.25
Charles CastnerT.O. Thursday14.00
Drew GoertzenMoorpark / Simi DJ913.83
Alex SanchezValley Monday Red13.71
Leonel RamirezOxnard 9-Ball13.63
Roland Crow-ArnettVentura 9-Ball13.60
Joey JuradoOxnard 9-Ball13.29
Robert LiaValley 9-Ball Blue13.25